Presha Pack - The Headlocka

by PreshaPack

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Music Written And Produce By Geronimo for Ice Productions
RE-mastered @ studio : V.I.PETE AKA V.I.STREET
Co-Excutive producer : Davey Money Dee
Label : ON OFF
Distribution :

Sampled : Organized Confusion - Stray Bullet
"Put the pressure to the mechanism"

Lyrics written by
1. Geronimo a.k.a. TheMadEskimo
2. Soleman a.k.a Latdlor
3. Yan a.k.a Breeze
4. Canox a.k.a. 4Head$Junkey
5. Kelle a.k.a. Schizophrenie
6. Dice-B


“Put the pressure to the mechanism“Sampled put on track @ 0:15 (4X)

1. Geronimo a.k.a. TheMadEskimo

It’s getting down, down
To the needy greedy, baby
It’s never stop, so fuck the fat lady
Now move do be better than your life sun
I’m likeable too sugar and spice and everything nice
Here is a lyrical advised
Realise, that I’m standing in a Gym
While my mansion near the canon
I’m going and expanding
Get-it by the minute
My skills have no limit
I all up in-it and it feels Good
I think you know me like the hood
So bow your head
While Like bust –it up
Like demolition derby
Put the herby and the blunt
Got my act together

2. Soleyman a.k.a Latdlor

I’ll like the good where dove track
I'll get enough rap, style so fat
That your start sometime used they but crack
With more Knowledge
Done them in making'
M.C.’s who’s stickin'
Is a Clap that you’re gettin'
I’m distracting them
I’m rocking them
I’m Head locking them
To maximum
Yes my flow is dope
Leave your EYEs
Broth and breed Like a Rastafarian
Plus I ain’t from Babylon
Yes, I’m the guy campaign with lock
With without creeps
With out question
Become feel the wall
Of in...
Wack Mc’xs got beef
They get beef
Try to strike back,
Fight back
dj fight back
True there Factuly
No more white Nationaltiy
Normal thing are happening
Maybe Help me baby please

3. Yan a.k.a Breeze

I gonna give it to you
Baby blue
Like I always do
Coming after you
Never with the want hunt you
Cause where I comin
Come with the 8 crew
Hear This is the reason
Walking And Stomping with
In my Timberland boots
Steppin’ coldshot world rap
Representing the presha pack
Time to react
I begin a lot for years to perfect my skills
So I’ll flip the script than my skills are ill
Toughing down a face
When I burn in down the places
Where will we be when we will be living out chasing?
The hart of a true MC’s
His sad from reality
For all those wannabe
Steppin on stage
Dropping it shit
Forget science fiction
When I grab the microphone
Rhymes are flowing in
Breakin’ back bones
I not sayin’ the greatest rapper
But I a flow On and on
Like the weather, The weather
The mother fuckin weather

Sucker don’t try to act shifty
You can’t compare
You used all your style could be that flippin The one you try to get trough the head
The head locker
from school hard knocka
(Chorus )

4. Canox a.k.a. 4Head$Junkey

Yeah check me out
As I drop the bomb out
On non favourite MC
I cause drama
From Hiroshima to Oklahoma
Now you knock on wood
And you tell your mama
Take who’s best than me?
I’m the nasty
Just proceed
That the only self
For a murder
People are suffering
It’s my first intention
I design to do
In another dimension
My rap style is ah yeah
This what I decide to do
Verbal rep really
Now you don’t seek and keep
A peace of mind
Event Try to crutch on my poisonus rhyme I drive genocide like Ebola
To enter wack mc’s
Gave the cold my chilla
Cause I kill the mass when I set it off
I blast the e I built atomically
Now you see now you see not
Now you don’t call me stranger
It’s canox coming true
with the Headlocker

Sucker don’t try to act shifty
You can’t compare
You used all your style could be that flippin
The one you try to get trough the head
The headlocka
from school hard knocka

5. Kelle a.k.a. Schizoohrenic

Yeah Speciale dédicasse
À tous les membres du Presha pack
Speciale dédicasse à DICE
Speciale dédicasse à Souléman
Speciale dédicasse à Yann
Speciale dédicasse à Canox
Speciale dédicasse à NIMO
Speciale dédicasse à mon boy Live
Speciale dédicasse à Moussa
Spéciale dédicasse à Mos-p

6. Dice-B

Uuhm Uuhm Uuhm Asa it goes aaa it goes
Whaaat chaaaa

Picture a master that got your Head lock In a Style a
Tighter then a virgin Virginia
Visualize the pressure against the brain
That lets the strains take you under
To understand my dilemma
Let the anger take me under like a submarine
Or should I fight my way and stay clean l mean
How long as it been since I smoke the buddah
I just don't know I guess I can't remainder
So I search and search
But still I can't find a place to rest my mind
Were I could stay away from crime
And a write the dopest rhymes off the head
That how it it's that's how it should be designed now
I like to say what’s up to my crew
You know how we do straight from Mont-real Dice B
Peace baby boo

Word Life


released May 23, 2016
Single from : Presha Pack - Hypotermia



all rights reserved


Presha Pack Québec City, Québec

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